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Teachers:  I have to submit a recommendation for                                                       as part of his/her college application.  I am asking your help in offering any information or insights about your experiences with the student that could be beneficial to his/her application effort.  Since admission to the program is fairly competitive, I need VERY SPECITIC DATA to assure that his/her recommendation will be meaningful.


In making the following ratings and comments, please keep in mind that they will be used to compare this student with his/her entire class.  Please complete both the checklist and the narrative portion of this form.




Average or Below


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(top 5% this year)

One of the top few I have

ever encountered in  my career

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Academic Motivation







Academic Creativity







Academic Self-Discipline







Academic Growth Potential





















Warmth of Personality







Sense of Humor







Concern for Others














Emotional Maturity







Personal Initiative







Reaction to Setbacks







Respect Accorded by Faculty









Cite briefly any praiseworthy classroom project, independent study, leadership role, or other significant accomplishments by this student with which you are familiar.  (Use the back of this form if necessary.)



Comment, if possible, on the degree of interest and the quality of motivation the student has shown for your particular program.  Again, please be definitive in assessing the student.  (Use the back of this form if necessary.)