Adopted by the Mentor Exempted Village

Board of Education June 10, 1991

Revised February 26, 2002





For School Year 2002-2003














Valerie Federico

Charleen Gawronski

Arthur Kless

Deborah Lucci

Edward Spondike






Dr. Robert Harvey, Superintendent

Dr. Jacqueline Hoynes, Superintendent Pro Tem.

John Schweitzer, Principal, Mentor High School






Linda Clements, Senior Project Coordinator

Greg Allen, Social Studies

Cathy Bontempo, Math

Monique Cicco, Foreign Language

Ron DeCaro, Social Studies

David Demko, Counselor

Ellen Geisler, English

Neil Grantz, Science

John Greene, Science

James Harmon, Counselor

Cynthia Langelier, Science

Gale Leonard, Career-Technical Coordinator

Daniel Litzinger, Counselor

Patricia Maynor, Counselor

Jane Mueller, Counselor

Terence Quigney, Counselor

Mary Jane Roberts, Social Studies

John Schweitzer, High School Principal

Linda Stuckey, English

Dr. Cynthia Tonia

Dr. Stephen Heller, Unit Principal



 Mentor High School Senior Project



Mission Statement


The Senior Project Program is designed to provide qualified Seniors with the opportunity to explore individual interests and career opportunities in an extended community partnership.




Goals of the Program


The goals of the Senior Project Program are the following:


To provide an alternative educational experience beyond the classroom.


To enhance the personal growth of the student in a way that is not possible within the traditional school experience.


To provide the student an opportunity to work collaboratively with community members.


To enhance the student's ability to reflect meaningfully about their life goals.




September 2002                   Faculty meeting - present senior project information


September 18, 2002             Pre-approval form available to students


October 10, 2002                  All pre-approval forms returned to Unit 12 Office


October 25, 2002                  Letter of invitation to senior project meeting to students and parents


November 14, 2002             Memo to Faculty Advisors regarding expectations


November 14, 2002             Meet with pre-approved students and parents, hand out packet and go over expectations (7:30 A.M. Fine Arts Center)


February 2002                     Faculty meeting to present proposal expectations


February 14, 2003               Project outline forms (Part 1 and 2, pages 17, 18, 19) due in senior unit office - proficiency tests and grades reviewed.  Student-Faculty Advisor Agreement due to faculty advisor


February 25, 2003               Committee meets to review project approval (Wildwood)


Within two weeks              Project participants notified of project approval


One week later                    Students with conditional approval resubmit project forms


Week of April 7, 2003         Letters mailed to On-Site Coordinators

                                                Send out Project Fair invitations to on-site coordinators and confirm student participation


May 5, 2003                          Meet with seniors to review checkout procedures & expectations

                                                (Mods 3-4 A-Lecture)


May 5, 2003                          Faculty Advisor check-out process packet sent


May 9, 2003                          Senior Project final check-out day (begins at 12:00 P.M.)


May 12, 2003                        First day of Senior Project participation


Week of May 27, 2003         Mandatory meeting with Faculty Advisor.  Rough draft of Reflection Paper and sketch of exhibition project due to Faculty Advisor


May 30, 2003                        Last day of Senior Project participation 


June 2, 2003                         Final Copy of Reflection Paper due to Faculty Advisor and Ms. Clements


June 2, 2003                         Senior Project Exhibition - 4:30-6:00 p.m. in Student Center for Senior Project participants, advisors, parents, On-Site Coordinators and other interested personnel.  Set up begins at 3:30 p.m.




         Welcome to the Senior Project.  You are pre-approved to participate in a very exciting opportunity to use, in a unique way, the education you have experienced.  The Senior Project allows you to integrate your knowledge and skills and requires you to demonstrate your integrity and responsibility.


         As you read the notes below, please understand that all deadlines are expectations of your responsibility and they must be met on time.  Failure to meet expected deadlines may result in removal from the project.  You may seek help from the unit principal, your counselor, or your faculty advisors, but you must hand in all required work on time.  You must make and keep all appointments with faculty advisors, and you must assure your attendance and effort at your project site.  You will reap what you sow:  the more effort you put into this project, the more rewarding it will be.


         Good luck, and good learning.






1.   Read all parts of the packet carefully.  Each piece may contain additional instructions and requirements.


2.   Typing information is preferred, but you may print neatly if you do not have access to a typewriter.  Printing must be in ink.  Any proposal which the committee cannot read will be rejected.


3.  Your proposal must list specific activities that have been agreed upon between yourself and your on-site coordinator.




The Senior Project Program is designed to provide interested and able seniors with the opportunity to work on meaningful independent projects of their own selections and design.


The Senior Project will occur during the last three weeks of the school year.  Seniors will be exempt from the last three weeks of school including the exams.  The grade each participating senior has upon leaving the classroom will be the grade for the last grading period and the semester final.  Foreign language students who are using the Home Study Program as their Senior Project will do their project at the end of the third grading period for a duration of three weeks including spring break. They are not responsible for work done during the time they are in France or Spain.  They do not have to take final exams or attend school on final exam days.




The committee's intent is to encourage as many students as possible to participate in this project.  The eligibility criteria are not intended to discourage participation.  However, the project is a privilege and not a right. 


The student must adhere to the following criteria:


Be passing all courses, including courses finished during the first semester, and the nine week grading period at the time of departure.  Students lose their eligibility if they have failed the first nine weeks of a second semester class.  The student must also have passed all parts of the ninth grade proficiency test.


Meet all graduation requirements including passing three and a half (3 1/2) credits as a senior.


Demonstrate good attendance.  An excessive number of unexcused absences WILL exclude a student from participation.


Demonstrate good citizenship during the three years of high school.


An outline of the project must be submitted by Friday, February 14, 2003.  The participating senior must complete all course requirements up to the point of departure before the Senior Project is begun.  Vocational students are to have the option of participation.  However, they must still meet the vocational hour requirement of the various programs.  Some may have enough hours "banked" to participate fully, and others will have to attend  their classes half day and then participate in the project for the other half day.


Foreign language students will earn Senior Project credit for their home stay experience in the native country as their Senior Project.  They will be required to come back to school and finish the school year, complete their fourth quarter grades, but will be exempt from the final exam.  Foreign language students must be passing all of their classes at the time they begin their home stay experience.  If this is not the case, they may forfeit any monies on deposit at the time of departure.


Students may participate in only one Senior Project.


PSEO students may participate in Senior Project.  They have to realize that Mentor High School can not excuse them from their college classes.  PSEO students must also maintain their full time student status each quarter.




A.  The project will be implemented during the last three weeks of the school year.


B.  A student may not be supervised by a family member or relative. The on-site supervisor may not be a family member or a relative.


C.  A student may not do a senior project in a previous or current place of employment unless approved by the Senior Project Committee.  A specific explanation of how this experience will be different from the current working experience will be required.


D.  A student must participate a minimum of five (5) hours per day or twenty-five (25) hours per week.  Any school sponsored activities cannot be included in this total number of hours. (i.e., A.P. Tests, reviews, concerts, etc.)


E.  Students will be permitted to participate in one Senior Project only.


F.  If a student is choosing a school setting, the student cannot choose Mentor High School as a site.  There should only be one student per teacher for the elementary level and one student per teacher at the secondary level.  The signature of the building principal as well as the on-site coordinator (classroom teacher) will be required for approval.


G.  A student will not earn pay from his/her participation in Senior Project.


H.  If students choose to do their Senior Project at a college, they must be living at home.


I.   Appropriateness of project site may be determined by the Senior Project Committee. Students should work together with their faculty advisor to review Part I and Part II of the Senior Project Proposal.


The withdrawal of a participating student can be made by the project coordinator and Unit Principal if the student is not meeting the expectations of the program.  The student will be returned to school immediately without credit for the project, and the student will fail all work missed during participation in the project.  No make-up work will be permitted, and the student must complete all course work from reentry into the class and take the final exam.


The student must meet the requirements of the project which include meeting with the faculty advisor once per week at the mutually agreed upon time and agreeing to receive no compensation for project work.


The student's advisor must be a certified employee of Mentor High School.


Proof of project completion must be mutually agreed upon by the advisor and student and submitted by June 2, 2003.


The student is responsible for all expenses incurred in completing the project.


An honor cord will be awarded at the senior awards assembly.


The school will not assume any liability incurred through the participation in the project.


All students will be expected to prepare a final, typed personal reflection paper on the project, minimum of 500 words or 2-3 pages, (3 copies needed).  Completion of the project will be either satisfactory or failed.


A Project Exhibition is planned for June 2, 2003 where students will present their projects both orally and through their reflection paper to community and school personnel.  A photo journal or product of the work experience must be included.  The student must be present!



This journal is a form of communication between you and your faculty advisor as well as a reflection on your experiences.


1.    As part of Senior Project, you are expected to keep a journal of daily activities and reactions.


2.    Write in a form acceptable to your advisor.


3.    Be sure to include exact hours which you worked each day.


4.    Write some type of personal reaction or evaluation of what you did that day.  Some ideas for your consideration:

          Did you like what you were doing?  Why or why not?

          Why do you suppose you were asked to do a certain activity?

          Did everything happen exactly as you expected it to, or were there some surprises?

          How will you benefit from what you are learning?


5.    The journal is NOT to be written on the job, but after your day's work is done.




Your final evaluation of Senior Project should include the following information and will be due no later than June 2, 2003, before 4:30 p.m.  Please submit it to Ms. Clements in A-19


You will be expected to use good composition skills.  Your reflection paper must be typed and be a minimum of 500 words or 2-3 pages in length.  You will need three copies, one to be turned in to the Senior Project Coordinator, Ms. Clements, one to your faculty advisor and the other for your table display.  These are suggestions for your assessment:


1.   Restate your objectives (goals).


2.   How did you attempt to achieve your goals?


3.   Do you think that you succeeded?  Explain why.  If not, why?


4.   What benefit did you derive from this experience?  What were the negatives? 


5.   What specific skills or procedures did you learn?


6.   What abstract qualities, i.e., self-reliance, self-discipline, self-motivation, compassion for the ill and disabled, patience and understanding for the young, perseverance, etc., did you learn or discover that you already had?  Explain how these qualities were exemplified in your work.


7.   What changes would you suggest in the concept of the Senior Project as a whole, if any?  Consider additions or deletions.






You are expected to attend the Senior Project Exhibition on June 2nd from 4:30 until 6:00 p.m. in the Student Center.


In addition to the journal and reflection paper, you will be expected to have prepared a demonstration/display agreed on by you and your faculty advisor.  Items for display can be photos, products, videos (videos require your own equipment) etc. (Set-up for the Exhibition will be from 3:30 to 4:30 in the Student Center on June 3rd).

SENIOR:  Give this form to your faculty advisor before Senior Project final check-out day.







TO:                                                              (Faculty Advisor)



FROM:                                                         (Student)



Upon agreement, I plan to make my weekly contact with my faculty advisor in the following manner:


                       Weekly letter / FAX  (440) 974-5216



                       Appointment at your convenience



Student's Phone No.                                                                           



On-Site Coordinator's Name                                                             









Student should discuss this page with their faculty advisor.  The faculty advisor keeps this page for their reference.  This must be done before final checkout.



All certified staff members (teachers, media specialists, counselors, and administrators) may be available as faculty advisors.  Advisors should limit their advisees to three to five (3-5) students.

SENIOR:  This page is to be given to your On-Site Coordinator at the same time you discuss with him/her what his/her role will be.  Be sure that your On-Site Coordinator reads your written proposal and understands the commitment.





TO:                 On-Site Coordinator

FROM:          Senior Project Committee



The role of the On-Site Coordinator is essential to the success of the Senior Project at Mentor High School.  As responsible men and women in the community, you will play an active part in the student's learning experience.  In playing a dual role as a student's teacher and sponsor, you will give the student a concept of the adult world.


As on-site co-ordinator, you will be asked to accept the following responsibilities:


1.      To help the student organize his project and then indicate your approval by signing the Student Proposal Form.

2.      To advise and guide the student on his/her project and sign a weekly time sheet to indicate he/she has completed the required hours.

3.      To complete an evaluation form at the close of the project.


The following is additional information:


1.      Students are to participate a minimum of five (5) hours per day or twenty-five (25) hours per week.

2.      Attendance and punctuality are important.  Hours must be made up.

3.      A student may NOT be paid for his/her project work.

4.      No relative may be in a direct line of supervision for the student.  The student may not do senior project at a relative's place of business or at a place of business where he/she has been employed previously.

5.      Each student will also choose a faculty advisor who will act as a weekly consultant for the student.

6.      The student is bound by a carefully structured set of guidelines.  Failure of the student to comply with these guidelines could result in immediate recall to the school setting.

7.      The student will keep a journal and will write a final evaluation of his project.  These are NOT to be done during his/her working hours.

8.      You may wish to set up some type of informal contract with the student for a mutual understanding of what will be expected during project time, but do not feel that such action is mandatory.


We have asked each student to discuss with his/her On-Site Coordinator the Mission Statement and Goals, as well as the aims and objectives of the Senior Project as it operates at Mentor High School.  The student should also give you a copy of his/her Senior Project Proposal.  If your student has not done so, please ask him/her to clarify these items.


We trust that the student's project will be beneficial not only to him/her but also to you as the sponsor and that you will both gain a sense of satisfaction from participation in the project.  Thank you for your interest in Senior Project.  If you have any questions which we can answer, please call the Senior Project Coordinator, Ms. Linda Clements, at 440-974-5308.


TO:         Senior Project Participant


Final Check-Out Approval





FROM:     Dr. Heller and Ms. Clements


SUBJECT: Check-out Procedure



** Check-out will begin at 12:00 PM, Friday May 9, outside the Lower Learning Center alcove across from the Unit 12 office. 


** You cannot leave for Senior Project unless this form is completed.


Student Name:                                                                  



Teachers Signature

Pass 4th 9 Wks

Pass Year

Book Returned

fees owed
































** Please have the following items initialed:


Faculty Advisor (agreement completed)                                 


Bookstore (verify fees owed)                                                


Learning Center (overdue materials)                                     




Graduation Ticket Request (Unit 12)                                     


Graduation Diploma Form (Unit 12)                                     


Graduation Participation Form (Unit 12)                               


Cap and Gown (Unit 12)                                                      


Final Transcript Request (Unit 12 )                                       







.        A.      To assist the student in completion on Part I and Part II of the 

                  Senior Packet.  Be sure to check for completeness, all signatures and phone numbers in place, and legibility before the papers are submitted to the committee;


         B.      To discuss possible activities for the project;


         C.      To complete Student - Faculty Advisor Agreement ( Page 8);     


         D.      To contact the On-Site Coordinator; 


         E.      To meet with student for a weekly conference during Senior Project to review journals;


         F.      To monitor student's progress;


         G .     To recommend additional resources and materials;


         H.      To offer assistance in overcoming unexpected obstacles.  This may be contacting the on-site coordinator if student is not getting enough different experiences, conferencing with student in case of problems brought forth by on-site coordinator, etc.;


         I.       To review the completed project and the rough draft of the      

                  reflection paper and a rough draft of the exhibition before                                    submission to the committee;


         J.       If students do not follow through with their obligations, the faculty                      advisor needs to contact the Unit Principal  for possible removal                             from Senior Project.


If you have any questions, please contact Linda Clements in A-19 or the Unit 12 Principal.

TO:            Faculty Advisor



FROM:       Senior Project Committee



SUBJECT:   Senior Project Final Instructions




1.    Please have your senior advisees submit the finished projects to you no later than June 2, 2003.  Finished projects include:  The Journal, the Reflection Paper (3 copies; one for the table of the Senior Project Exhibition , one to be turned in to the Senior Project Coordinator and one for the faculty advisor), and  at least a rough draft of the Senior Project Exhibition.



2.    Read the journals, and the finished Reflection Papers.



3.    Students are expected to remain on the project through May 30, 2003.  As they may be submitting their completed projects to you before this  time, their last journal entries will naturally list what students anticipate they will be doing on the final days of the project.



4.    Please make sure that students have an adequate number of hours listed in journals.  They were to have participated a minimum of five (5) hours per day or twenty-five (25) hours each week.  Please check their totals.  Have them explain any discrepancy.  Advanced Placement Reviews, A.P. Tests, concerts, Top 25 performances etc. do not count as hours toward Senior Project participation.



5.    Set up for Senior Project is from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the Student   Center, this is the time for the students to socialize and to look at the exhibits of other students.  The exhibition time for parents, advisors, and teachers is from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.  The students are expected to remain at their tables to be available for questions and explanations of their project.  The on-site coordinator can remain at the table, but should be encouraged to view other projects.

SENIOR:  This letter will be sent to your On-Site Coordinator after he/she agrees to work with you on Senior Project.







Dear On-Site Coordinator:


Thank you for agreeing to act as an On-Site Coordinator for                                                            in his/her senior project.  We hope this project will be a valuable learning experience for our seniors as well as a worthwhile experience for you.


When you agreed to act as an On-Site Coordinator, the senior working with you should have given you a copy of the Senior Project as well as a description of your role as On-Site Coordinator.


                                          's Faculty Advisor at the high school is                                                 , a member of our certified staff.  Each senior will be expected to make a weekly contact with this advisor, who will act as a liaison between you and the school.  If you have any questions about the project, please do not hesitate to contact the Senior Project Coordinator at 440-974-5308.


Please keep in mind these pertinent guidelines:

1.      Seniors should report to you on Monday, May 12, 2003, and must stay through May 30, 2003.

2.      The students must participate a minimum of five (5) hours per day or twenty-five (25) hours weekly, lunch excluded.  If the job demands it, the student can reasonably be expected to stay longer.  A few seniors will be in classes each day.  Their time will be adjusted.

3.      Under no circumstances is the student to be paid or compensated for his/her time.

4.      Attendance and punctuality are important.  If a problem arises, contact the Senior Project Coordinator immediately.

5.      Each senior will be keeping a daily journal and will be expected to write a reflection paper at the end of the project.  Both will be due on June 2, 2003.

6.      As an On-Site Coordinator, you will be asked to make a final evaluation of your senior's participation on the form provided.  This evaluation will be due by June 2, 2003.  Please mail your evaluation to Ms. Linda Clements, Senior Project Coordinator, Mentor High School, 6477 Center Street, Mentor, OH  44060. Please feel free to share this evaluation with the student to enhance the learning experience.


Your willingness to assist in Senior Project is greatly appreciated.






Dr. Stephen Heller

Unit 12 Principal




Ms. Linda Clements, Counselor

Senior Project Coordinator




Please return by June  2:        Ms. Linda Clements, Senior Project Coordinator

                                              Mentor High School

                                              6477 Center Street

                                              Mentor, Ohio 44060


Senior Project Evaluation for                                                                                     

Use the check rating system below to indicate your appraisal of the student's personal qualities.












Level of Commitment






























Receptive to new ideas





Ability to work with others






Answer any of the questions below which pertain to this project.  If there is additional information relating to the evaluation of this project, please write it on the back.


In what ways do you feel the student benefited from the experience?




Did you benefit from the student's project?



What suggestions do you have for improving the Senior Project?




Please comment as to the length of the project. Do you feel this time was:

                                 Adequate ________      Too Long ________     Too Short ________


Would you be willing to sponsor another Senior Project?        Yes       _____      No          _____

May this information be shared with the above student?           Yes       _____      No          _____


Time Documentation       1st week                       2nd week                   3rd week

                                        Hours:_______            Hours:_______         Hours:_______








In what ways did you benefit from this experience?






What difficulties, if any, did you encounter with this experience?





What suggestions do you have for improving the Senior Project?






Was 3 weeks enough time for you to accomplish what you had hoped for?      

                                             Yes _         __           No ___        





Additional comments about your project: (optional)





Name: ________________________________________


Senior Project Site: ______________________________




**  Turn this form in to Ms. Clements in A-19 on or before June 2, 2003.





ON-SITE COORDINATOR:                                                       


Students must keep a daily listing of the hours you are at your project locale each day.  Remember to exclude your time for lunch.












































































































































ON-SITE COORDINATOR'S INITIALS:________                                     


PLEASE NOTE:  If you are ill, you must call to notify the school and your on-site coordinator.


Turn this form in to Ms. Clements in A-19 on or before June 2, 2003.





PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT NEATLY IN INK (Illegible and/or incomplete proposals will be returned)

NAME                                                                                        STUDENT NUMBER                                                                                                                  _

ADDRESS                                                                    ZIP                           PHONE                                                                                                                    

ELEM. SCH ATTENDED                                             JR. HIGH SCH ATTENDED                                                                                                                     

PROJECT TITLE AND/OR MAJOR SUBJECT AREA                                                                                                                                                                  _

COMPANY OR INSTITUTION WHERE WORK WILL BE DONE _____________________________                                                                                               _                                                                                                                                                      

STREET ADDRESS                                    __________________________________________________________________

CITY                                                                                                     ZIP                                                   

PHONE WHERE YOU CAN BE REACHED DURING PROJECT                                                                                                                                              _

PRINT NAME OF ON-SITE COORDINATOR____________________________PHONE                                                        _                                    

ON-SITE COORDINATOR'S TITLE OR POSITION                                                                                                                                 _                                                                                         


       YES                                              NO                     

       IF SO, WHEN?                            IN WHAT CAPACITY?                                                                        

DO EITHER YOUR MOTHER, FATHER OR OTHER CLOSE RELATIVES WORK, OWN OR MANAGE THIS BUSINESS?                       IF SO, EXPLAIN:                                                                                    




SIGNATURE OF FACULTY ADVISOR                                                                                         ______

(Signature signifies that the proposal is legible and complete)


PRINT NAME OF FACULTY ADVISOR                                                                                                    





Please print neatly in ink or type.  Refer to sample on next page.   This section must be completed by the student and the on-site coordinator jointly.  Use other side of paper if necessary.  (A minimum of 3 activities must be completed.)


Describe the activities that you

will be involved with.

Describe the learning outcome

of each activity.









































To the On-Site Coordinator:


I have seen a copy of the rationale and guidelines for the Senior Project at Mentor High School, and

                                                                         has given me a copy of the role of the On-Site Coordinator.  He/she has discussed with me the aims and objectives of the Senior Project as it operates at Mentor.  We have discussed both goals and our mutual expectations and have developed the project proposal.  I approve it and will fulfill my obligations as outlined in the On-Site Coordinator guidelines.  Furthermore, I agree NOT to compensate this student in any way, nor in the future, for services rendered during project time and my signature indicates that this student is currently not employed and is not a family member.


On-Site Coordinator’s Signature                                                                                                         


Phone Number                                                


For students doing Senior Project in a Mentor school only:

I give my approval for this student to do Senior Project in my building:


Building Principal’s Signature:                                                           




PART I (Continued)


This section must be completed by the student and the on-site coordinator jointly.  Use other side of paper if necessary.  (A minimum of 3 activities must be completed.)

                                                     (use problem solving-critical thinking here)

Describe the activities that you

will be involved with.

Describe the learning outcome

of each activity.

1.   I will develop and implement a lesson plan





1.  I will learn how to put together a lesson with good content and good teaching strategies.  I would assess the effectiveness of the lesson.


2.    I will help produce and edit a video.






2.  I will learn the steps necessary for video production and create a product which would be needed for the company.


3.   I will follow a patient through the process of surgery:  pre-op, exam, surgery, post-op, observation.



 (health care)

3.  I will learn procedures and pay attention to doctor/patient relationships.




4.   I will contribute to the design or development or re-vamping of a web page.



4.  I will learn to employ computer skills to solve the business problem.




5.   I will study inventory and purchasing practices and research how managers maintain proper inventory amounts.



5.  I will learn the practices of this company for inventory and purchasing.





To the On-Site Coordinator:


I have seen a copy of the rationale and guidelines for the Senior Project at Mentor High School, and

                                                                         has given me a copy of the role of the On-Site Coordinator.  He/she has discussed with me the aims and objectives of the Senior Project as it operates at Mentor.  We have discussed both goals and our mutual expectations and have developed the project proposal.  I approve it and will fulfill my obligations as outlined in the On-Site Coordinator guidelines.  Furthermore, I agree NOT to compensate this student in any way, nor in the future, for services rendered during project time and my signature indicates that this student is currently not employed and is not a family member.


On-Site Coordinator’s Signature                                                                                                        


Phone Number                                               







--      to adhere as closely as possible to the schedule and objectives which I have set for myself.

--      to make progress reports at the times and in the form designated by my faculty advisor.



1.      That I am exempt from academic requirements during the period of the Senior Project.

2.      That if I choose to continue attending class I am responsible for all work and the final exam (once committed I must fulfill my obligation in the same capacity.)

3.      That it is my responsibility to notify all coaches and activity sponsors of my project.

4.      That successful completion and acceptable reporting of the Senior Project are requirements for receiving the honor cord.

5.      That I am required to attend those activities required for graduation.

6.      That I must NOT receive payment for this project.

7.      That I may NOT do my senior project with a family member.

         That I may NOT do senior project at a place of business where I have been employed previously in the same capacity.

8.      That the school may not be liable for any injuries that I may sustain as a result of this project.

9.      That I am responsible and liable for all transportation and any costs connected with the project.


                                                            Student Signature                                                                           

                                                            Phone Number                                                                                 




I have read the rationale, guidelines, and Senior Project form and have discussed them with my son/daughter.  I realize that the school cannot directly supervise him/her and understand that the school is not liable for any injuries that he/she may sustain as a result of this project.


                                                            Parent Signature                                                                              

                                                            Phone Number                                                                                 




I accept the responsibility as Faculty Advisor for                                                                                                                                          if his/her project is accepted as proposed.  I will contact the On-Site Coordinator before this student begins the project.  I will expect regular progress reports from the student during the project.  I am willing to give help to this student as needed before the project begins and during the project.  I have reviewed the "Proposal Package" with this student and it meets with my approval.


                                                            Faculty Advisor Signature                                                             

                                                            School Phone Number