September 2003                   Faculty meeting - present senior project information


September 15, 2003             Pre-approval form available to students


October 9, 2003                    All pre-approval forms returned to Unit 12 Office


October 24, 2003                  Letter of invitation to senior project meeting to students and parents


November 18, 2003             Meet with pre-approved students and parents, hand out packet and go over expectations (7:30 A.M. Fine Arts Center)


February 1, 2004                 Faculty meeting; review proposal expectations


February 13, 2004               Project outline forms (Part 1 and 2, pages 17, 18, 19) due in senior unit office - proficiency tests and grades reviewed.  Student-Faculty Advisor Agreement due to faculty advisor


February 19, 2004               Committee meets to review project approval (Wildwood)


Within two weeks              Project participants notified of project approval


One week later                    Students with conditional approval resubmit project forms


Week of April 5, 2004         Letters mailed to On-Site Coordinators

                                                Send out Project Fair invitations to on-site coordinators and confirm student participation


May 4, 2004                          Meet with seniors to review checkout procedures & expectations

                                                (Mods 5-6, A-Lecture; Fine Arts reserved if needed)


May 4, 2004                          Send check-out procedure packet to faculty advisors


May 7, 2004                          Senior Project final check-out day (begins at 12:00 P.M.).  This is a full day of school for seniors.


May 10, 2004                        First day of Senior Project participation


Week of May 24, 2004         Mandatory meeting with Faculty Advisor.  Rough draft of Reflection Paper and sketch of exhibition project due to Faculty Advisor


May 28, 2004                        Last day of Senior Project participation 


June 1, 2004                         Final Copy of Reflection Paper due to Faculty Advisor and Ms. Clements


June 1, 2004                         Senior Project Exhibition - 4:30-6:00 p.m. in Student Center for Senior Project participants, advisors, parents, On-Site Coordinators and other interested personnel.  Set up begins at 3:30 p.m.