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The responsibility of your counselor in helping to prepare the "Secondary School Report" is to provide an overview of your academic and extra-curricular achievements and also a sense of your promise for further intellectual and personal growth.  Because it is important to convey something of the unique quality that makes you "you," the counselor needs your estimate of yourself and what you have done.  Please take the time to think about who you are and where you are headed.  Incorporate experiences and activities drawn from any part of time in your life.  Please answer as completely as possible.


It is a good idea to make a duplicate copy to assist you in writing your college applications.


Your Education


 1.     What are your academic interests?  What might you like to study in college?





2.      Which courses have you enjoyed most?  Why?





3.      Which courses have been most difficult for you?  Why?





4.      What do you consider the best measures of your potential college level work (consider grades, levels of courses taken, test scores (PSAT, ACT, SAT)?






5.      Are there any outside circumstances (in your recent experience or background) which have interfered with your academic performance?  Consider such factors as:  excessive school activities,  home responsibilities or difficulties, after-school job, illness or emotional stress, parental pressure, or other factors.






6.      Name and describe the book(s) you have read in the last 12 months (not the books assigned in school).

Your Activities and Interests


 7.     List, IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE TO YOU, the honors, prizes, or awards you have received.




8.      What work experience do you have?




9.      What activities do you most enjoy outside the daily routine of school?




10.    Have you traveled or lived in different localities?  Where?  Comment on any significant travel experiences.




The World Around You


11.    What do your parents and friends expect of you?  How have their expectations influenced the goals and standards you set for yourself?




12.    What person (current or historical) do you most admire?  Why?





Your Personality and Relationships With Others


13.    What do you consider your greatest strengths?




14.    What do you consider your greatest weaknesses?




15.    List five words that you would use to describe yourself and why.




16.    How have you grown or changed during your high school years?




17.    Is there other information that will be useful in making an accurate appraisal of you for college admission (unusual circumstances in school or at home which may have affected you)?